On Miracles, Magic, and Sorcery
Twice the LORD told Moses, prior to his being sent to Pharaoh, that the king of Egypt wouldn’t let the Keep Reading
How to Soften Your Heart
The battle between Pharaoh, leader of all Egypt, and the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth, was about to begin. Keep Reading
Where Are You Looking?
As the new school year is approaching, this morning I thought I’d begin with a multiple–choice quiz. Ready? Here goes! Keep Reading
A Long Obedience
As we saw last week, once Moses and Aaron had spoken with the elders of the Israelites, letting them know Keep Reading
Have Thine Own Way, LORD
It took some doing but once the LORD, in his great patience, responded to all of Moses’ reservations and concerns Keep Reading
God Over All
Once God appeared to Moses-the-Rescuer and told him that he was the one he had chosen to rescue his people, Keep Reading
God Inexhaustible!
When the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob said to Moses, “So now, go. Keep Reading
The Living God Is God of the Living!
From the little bit that we’ve learned about Moses thus far, he certainly seems hard-wired to want to rescue those Keep Reading
Moses—and God’s Providence
As we saw last week, when Shiphrah and Puah, the Hebrew midwives, refused to kill baby boys that were born Keep Reading