On Second Chances and New Beginnings
As we saw last week, the end of chapter 8 in Genesis closes with God making a solemn promise in Keep Reading
The Pleasing Aroma of Sacrifice
Imagine waking up one morning and finding that the world as you had known it had been destroyed: No other Keep Reading
Called to Be Righteous – Called to Believe God
Between May 14 and May 16 of 2006, fourteen inches of rain fell in our region in what has come Keep Reading
Deliver Us from Evil
What are some of the things that first come to mind when you think about Noah? An ark, of course; Keep Reading
Walking in the Image and Likeness of the LORD
As we’ve previously noted,[1] as soon as the Fall occurred God promised to send Messiah, one who would deliver his Keep Reading
Cain’s Anger–and God’s Continual Compassionate Judgment
Despite Eve’s succumbing to the serpent’s deception; despite Adam’s disobeying the LORD God’s command not to eat from the tree Keep Reading
God’s Compassionate Judgment
How would you describe the color blue to someone born blind? How would you describe Handel’s Messiah to someone born Keep Reading
Discerning True Vs. False Voices
One of the notable features in the opening chapters of Genesis is the importance of speech. As we’ve previously noted,[1] Keep Reading
Why Did God Create Us?
As we are yet again in the throes of another presidential voting cycle, I was reminded recently of navy vice Keep Reading