Linebrook Church


What is sin? Why is God so concerned about it? Why are we not as concerned about it? These are Keep Reading
If someone were to ask you, “How can I know God’s will?,” I hope our answer would be, “By turning Keep Reading
God desires to be in relationship with those whom he’s made in his image—which includes everyone. He created us for Keep Reading
Life in the desert isn’t easy, what with the sun constantly beating down upon you and the scarcity of both Keep Reading
This morning, as we return to worship in the house of the LORD that has served as our place of Keep Reading
As the Israelites living in the time of Moses demonstrate all too well, human nature since the time of the Keep Reading
I think that one of the most difficult things to do in life is to persevere—to continue in a course Keep Reading
Years ago, a student suggested that suffering can cause a person, specifically a follower of Jesus Christ, to walk away Keep Reading
Much as I love proclaiming God’s Word each week and value the importance of doing so, from my own decades-long Keep Reading