Do You Believe This?
Easter Sunday confronts each and every person who has ever heard of Jesus of Nazareth with the statements and question Keep Reading
Why Jesus Chose to Die for Us
Almost every semester for the past three or so years, I’ve been responsible for running an online Christian Ethics class Keep Reading
On Loving God and Being Hated
After Egypt experienced seven years of fruitfulness beyond imagination according to what the LORD had shown Pharaoh, seven years of Keep Reading
The Value—and Hope!—of History
Once he explained to Pharaoh that the two dreams he’d had were but one and the same message from God—and, Keep Reading
The Power of Doubling–Amen & amen!
“Here comes that dreamer!” If you’ll recall, this is what Joseph’s brothers had said to one another early on when Keep Reading
Why the Bible is Holy
As we’ve seen, when the book of Genesis turns its focus upon Joseph starting with chapter 36, we’re told that Keep Reading
The Meaning of Immanuel
When last we saw Joseph, he had been sold by his brothers (minus Reuben the eldest and Benjamin the youngest) Keep Reading
Unexpected Lineage of a Gracious LORD
Having talked his brothers into selling their younger brother Joseph to Midianite merchants and then lied to their father about Keep Reading
The Importance of Sowing Godly Seed
As we saw last week, even at the tender age of seventeen Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son, was an upright young Keep Reading