Linebrook Church


This church shall be a missions-minded church, with every effort being made to support the outreach of the gospel of Christ both at home and abroad. It shall be the official goal of the church, paid close attention to in all budgeting and financial planning, to give to missions as soon as it can be accomplished 50% of all regular income from tithes and offerings, so that the church will be giving to the spread of the gospel in the same proportion it dispenses funds for the regular expenses and salaries of the church. Special fundraising projects such as building programs are not necessarily to be subject to the 50% goal, but even in these cases the church shall make every effort to set aside a percentage of money collected for a local building project or property acquisition to be used to support the same sort of thing elsewhere, such as in a third world country.

The church shall seek to support missionaries, both from America to other places or from the local area to other places, including nearby places in the United States, as well as to provide support for native pastors, evangelists and other workers in foreign lands, and to do so by providing wherever possible their entire support needs, thus freeing missionaries from the tedious and time-consuming task of raising support from a large number of churches. In those cases where full support cannot be provided, the church shall seek to provide a large proportion of the missionary’s support so as to minimize the tedium and time for fundraising and maximize a missionary’s time in effective ministry.

The church shall seek to keep its membership informed about the work of its missionaries, to take on the support of new missionaries from time to time as finances permit, and to provide a strong, ongoing prayer base for the support of missionaries. It shall encourage short-term missions trips by members and friends of the church and encourage persons in the congregation to respond to the divine call to full-time missionary service.

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