Linebrook Church


The Linebrook Parish was incorporated in 1746 by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature as a “parish”—a region served by a particular church and its pastor. The church building now used by Linebrook Church was built by the members of the Linebrook Parish in 1848, their third meetinghouse. Its historic nature and some of its contents have been the subject of news articles and books. The church building was not occupied except sporadically from the early 1990s until 2006 when the current Linebrook Church was formed. The building has been faithfully maintained by the assessors (trustees) of the Linebrook Parish. Linebrook Church is grateful to and proud of these assessors who have protected and preserved this handsome colonial-style building. May their faith in the future continue to be honored by God.

When Linebrook Church came into existence in 2006, Dr. Douglas Stuart and Pastor John Pressey served as its co-shepherds. After Pastor Pressey passed away in 2008, Dr. Stuart continued to serve as its pastor until he retired in May of 2015. Laura Miguélez Quay served as interim pastor the summer of 2015 and she was voted in as its senior pastor in August of that year.

The church’s first music director was Judy Taylor. In 2009, Ron Quay took over as music director and he continues to serve in that capacity.

In 2008 the church purchased the house next door to it, known as the Leslie House. The Leslie House is an important part of its ministry. It is the place where all church-family meals, baby showers, receptions, adult education, and voice ensemble rehearsals all occur.