Music & Worship

We believe that the sole audience for worship is God, so all worship is to be directed to Him and not to the congregation as entertainment.

Following the teaching of the Bible that God enjoys and is honored by the praise of his people, we seek to provide and encourage a robust program of musical praise, characterized by enthusiastic congregational singing of hymns and spiritual songs, by vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles, by the use of organ, piano and other traditional instruments, etc. We welcome opportunities for believers with special musical gifts to come to the church as special guests and advertise such special occasions and concerts as appropriate for the benefit of other believers and the general public. We hope to teach and encourage persons of every age to sing and to praise God in every way that is honorable and orderly. We don’t encourage religious dance or worship drama, but we do encourage the formation of choirs, chorales, quartets, etc., whether instrumental or vocal or both. Because style of music is related to style of worship, we hope to provide godly content for all worship services, with worship that glorifies God, is joyous, and draws those in attendance into a spirit of worship.

The church provides for the partaking of the Lord’s Supper approximately monthly, with appropriate reminders of the seriousness of this sacred symbolic meal. We also provide for baptism from time to time of those who have come to faith in Jesus Christ and wish to declare the same publicly by being baptized. Pastors may provide at their discretion opportunities for public blessing of infants and children, but only believers are baptized.