Jesus the Light of Life
As I’ve pondered how to introduce our season of Advent this year, I looked at our first Advent reading. As Keep Reading
The Sovereign LORD, Our Strength
The Scripture reading from Habakkuk expresses well the jarring contrast we often experience, doesn’t it? On the one hand, we Keep Reading
Jacob Sees God’s Face Again—in Esau’s Forgiveness
Jacob was a man who didn’t understand the meaning of “Don’t burn your bridges behind you.” For in his treatment Keep Reading
Jacob’s Prayer to the God of Abraham and Isaac
“Go back to the land of your fathers and to your relatives, and I will be with you.”[1] These are Keep Reading
The God of Abraham, the Fear of Isaac, Jacob, and Us
As we saw last week, after the LORD appeared to Jacob and told him to return to the land of Keep Reading
Scripture Our Means of Endurance—and Encouragement
Though his mother Rebekah never did send for Jacob to let him know that his brother Esau’s anger had dissipated Keep Reading
Praise Jesus, Messiah, Lion of Judah—Our Hope!
After encountering God in a vision, Jacob continued on his journey to his mother’s homeland probably arriving there around three Keep Reading
Let’s Follow the Angels!
Having been born and raised in Canaan, Jacob was forced to leave the only home he’d ever known[1] to take Keep Reading
Treasure God
Though it’ll be a few months before we arrive at the end of Joseph’s story, the powerful statement concerning God’s Keep Reading