God, Our Good Creator
When you first meet someone, what’s the first thing you tell them about yourself? Maybe your name. Or what you Keep Reading
Sing a New Song
The first time I attended Linebrook Church while visiting Ron back in February of 2014, what impressed me the most Keep Reading
God Was/Became One of Us!
Back in 1995 Joan Osborne released a song written by Eric Bazilian, entitled One of Us, that became a hit Keep Reading
Developing Patience
Years ago while driving along in my car I burst into tears. I had just recently moved to Illinois for Keep Reading
Becoming Like Christ Jesus
The more I read Scripture, the more I’m struck by how completely counter-cultural its teachings can be. A snapshot of Keep Reading
Being Ready for Christ’s Final Advent
As I was preparing this morning’s sermon, I was thinking about different things that Ron and I have learned about Keep Reading
How to Find Peace
This evening I want to spend a few minutes reflecting with you about peace. As we’ve officially entered the Christmas Keep Reading
On Saving the Sheep!
I grew up in a public school system in New Jersey that, looking back, I believe was quite ahead of Keep Reading
Embrace the Rejected Stone of Salvation!
Even those of us who should know better sometimes buy into the misperception that the God who has disclosed himself Keep Reading