Christ’s Gospel Breaks Down All Barriers
Well, I certainly hope you’ve left yourselves extra time for worship this morning because, for the first time ever, we’re Keep Reading
How to Please God
During these past two weeks we’ve looked back at some of those whom the author of Hebrews has recognized and Keep Reading
Successful Faith
As we worked through the Gospel Saturation Primer this past Spring during our Adult Ed class, one of the topics Keep Reading
Confident Faith
[Sing] “I have confidence in sunshine. I have confidence in rain. I have confidence that spring will come again! Besides Keep Reading
God’s Steadfast Love
As we saw last week, the story of Hosea tells us about God’s faithfulness to his people even in the Keep Reading
How Faithful is the LORD?
As most of you know, Ron and I came to marriage late-ish in our lives­—last month we celebrated our five-year Keep Reading
The Sovereign LORD Will Judge the Unjust
As we saw last week, the nation of Israel under the reign of Jeroboam II, wasn’t living according to the Keep Reading
The Sovereign LORD’s Conditions
Sometime this past Spring when we were discussing the Gospel Saturation Primer, a booklet intended to encourage local churches to Keep Reading
God’s Word—God’s Answer to Sin
In considering some of the events in the life of the prophet Elijah these past couple of weeks we’ve noted Keep Reading